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The New Dimension in Investment Analytics

The Investment Recommendation Score is constructed using next

generation data and algorithms made possible by Linescale TM


Linescale is patented technology created in conjunction with the Harvard

Business School to initially assess and guide large-scale investment by General

Foods. Linescale has successfully evaluated and forecasted new product introductions for numerous companies including; Citibank, The US Post Office, Marriott International and CVSHealth/Aetna.


Linescale has used product displacement data to benchmark performance

of a new concept, advertisement or product.  Now, with its long history of

insightful market intelligence, in-depth proprietary research, and well-informed product innovation analyses, Linescale has engineered the next generation of this proven technology to measure displacement of all products that are currently each consumer’s go-to favorite product for the use case. All competitive products and practices are considered for displacement, including home remedies as well as there being no existing solution for this need.


The IRS application enables a future view of consumer behavior in a comprehensive marketspace environment. By simultaneously:


  • Measuring the strengths and weaknesses of all major competitors in any marketspace

  • Quantifying the displacement of all behaviors and products currently in use

  • Delivering a multi-dimensional picture of consumer demand previously not possible, even by Nielsen Bases

  • Creating contemporaneous performance norms of each competitive product or practice in the marketspace

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